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L'Antre Du Dingo checks out the KSC Glock 19 Gas Blowback Pistol that comes with the HW slide. KSC G19 GBB Pistol Airsoft (Metal Slide) Gas blow back action, semi automatic, adjustable hop-up system, live.. $87.50 . -KSC G19 Metal Slide & Outer Barrel Installed-Hi-Flow Valve Installed-Strengthen Recoil Spring Installed. G19 is a compact model which has a small size. The brilliant slide … KSC: 1:! Stark: Good stock, but lack of upgrade parts and slides is dumb, thanks VFC. GunsModify SA Style Aluminum Slide & Stainless Barrel Set (Black) For Marui G19 $1,050.00 HKD GunsModify SA Style Aluminum Slide & Stainless Barrel Set (Gold) For Marui G19 KSC G23F GBB Pistol Airsoft (Metal Slide) Gas blow back action, … "The PTS BattleComp® G19 Custom Slide and Barrel Set consists of a minimalistic but very distinctive appearance where the front and rear serrations are specifically designed to mimic the trademark pattern of the incredibly popular BattleComp® muzzle device ports. 2019 © PTS Syndicate Ltd. All Rights Reserved. This is my first gas bb gun and I have to say it makes me want another one because its so good. This is the best deal today on the market for a KSC G19… WE: Not TM spec w/ slides… Any way the gun; I have deduced that the slide is Aluminium because its so light and scratches like a metal and Zero One say it has a metal slide. K00003 & K00004 bundle *Hand Made*Limited Edition* (A180) K00 Series (AW K00000 & K00001 bundle *Hand Made*Limited Edition*) Dimensions, more aftermarket support than people give them credit, still make fantastic platforms. KSC made the first skirmishable Glock GBBs that has an fully opened chamber and released a heavy weight slide version... "Let's have a look at KSC's G19 … Add to Cart. Elite Force Fully Licensed GLOCK 19 Gen.3 w/ EMG Salient Arms International Tier One Utility Slide (Type: Green Gas) 14489 GP-EF-SAI-G19-Utility 14489 - $308.41 Thanks for submitting! Some weighty materials are also added into the frame so as to reinforce a better sense of heaviness. The slide is compatible with the KSC G19. It is between 320-340 fps depending on the temperature (gas performs best in warm atmospheres). They also take the liberty of tuning my gun for Green Gas. Indeed, it is not too small as it just fits a proper size.

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